Vax Faction withholds Covid cures, lets thousands die

Demands for justice grow as magnitude of crime becomes evident

by Andrew Harrison

The mother of all storms is brewing around the suppression by government of known remedies for COVID 19.

It is now understood that highly effective and safe cures for COVID19, described by one observer as "from the beginning a very treatable bug with the results achievable with Ivermectin and Vitamin D known virtually from the outset", have been withheld from the public in order to keep up the pretence of the existence of a dangerous and incurable virus.

Put simply, Ivermectin and vitamin D comprise a highly effective and safe remedy for Covid 19. These remedies were withheld so as to maintain public fear and distress over a virus that is very treatable but which was contrived to look frightening.

In essence, the government stood by and let die tens of thousands of people who could have been helped, while lockdowns and economic destruction were inflicted on the country.

The horrible truth that is beginning to dawn on most people is that none of these need wounds needed to have been inflicted on the country at all.

Thus was forwarded and perpetuated the agenda of needless mass injection with experimental biochemical agents that may yet prove to have devastating health consequences, along with the removal of democratic safeguards and the devastation of the economy.

Outrage is now spreading, with the government threatened by mounting unrest as the realisation of the full extent of the suppression of the country sinks in.