The Covid Terror Psyop some observations

by Steve Cook

The government is going to keep this Covid Terror psyop going for as long as it takes to deliver a series of blows that will result ultimately in driving the country into an apathy in which it will submit to dodgy vaccines, forfeiture of liberty or whatever other authoritarian lunacy these psychotics wish to inflict on us.

If we let it. But we do not have to let it.

We can recognise the game being played out here by the criminal architects of this attack and simply refuse to submit. A great many people have already done so. Many more will join them.

It is necessary to keep our country and our people moving forwards and upwards and to refuse to sink back.

Nothing can be achieved by these degenerate suppressive factions without the agreement of the People. They know it and that is why they work so hard to manufacture agreement by manufacturing one lie and false report after another.

It is important to continue and even pour coals on our relentless exposure of the lies and, vitally, the exposure of the source of the lies as a criminal clique guided by experts in psychological warfare mind games.

Most people instinctively know - even while some are not saying so openly - that the three most untrustworthy sources of disinformation are (a) the government, (b) the media and (c) the pharmaceutical faction.

And here we have all three working in close collaboration to market the Covid Terror. That should tell you all you need to know about how wary you should be of ANYTHING they tell you, no matter how convincing it appears on the surface or no matter how much a clear view of it is obscured by a deliberately created smokescreen of chaotic "information".

Above all three - and keeping itself carefully out of the limelight - is their senior, controlling echelon, the banking cartels. These money powers hold the whip hand over the government and corporate sectors through their scam of creating money out of nothing and lending it into circulation at interest (but that is another story I will address more thoroughly in other articles.)

That instinctive awareness as to the untrustworthiness of government, the media and the pharmaceutical faction can be tapped into. It has already resulted in a massive expansion of the Freedom Movement and that expansion is set to grow and grow.

As government attacks on the people continue, the pain thereof will be felt more and more sharply by more and more of its victims. It will become evident to an expanding portion of the citizenry that seeking safety, security or peace in surrender to a government controlled by a faction that despises them and/or considers them livestock to be fleeced, herded and culled is not an option. Growing dissent will further fuel the growth of the freedom movement.

It is important to use this opportunity presented by the psychotic behaviour of the Covid Terror faction and the coup they have engineered is not neglected. The psychotic shenanigans have always been there but it is rare for them to be quite so overt.

This presents us with an opportunity, not just to bring down our oppressors but to learn from what these criminals have done so that we can devise principles, policies and precepts that will lift the nation to new high levels of liberty, fairness and benign governance for ALL the people.

In the meantime, expect increasing numbers of people to join the Freedom Movement.

People will put up with a lot from their government but their patience has limits as the dimwits orchestrating the present coup are going to discover.

As tolerance or these shenanigans remorselessly erodes, we will see a polarisation: on one side of the fence the faction that has hijacked the government and their collaborators, the self-appointed herdsmen who think it is perfectly all right to treat the rest of us like cattle and on the other side of the fence . . . well, everybody else.

Recognise that the criminals in power are not going to stop their attack - the continual twists and turns of the worked and re-worked and remorselessly perpetuated Covid psyop - unless MADE to stop. Which they will be.

The best way to protect and save the nation, its production, its assets and services, its morale and its prosperity, is to remove from government by all legal means possible the proxies and front men for oppressive powers who have infected it very much as a parasitic virus infests a host.

And the first step of that process is withdraw from them our credence, belief, agreement or authority.

In essence, we do not need in order to be free to do very much to government except make it honest.