Police and Demonstrators well behaved

Police and demonstrators well behaved, corporate media insults The People yet again


by Kieron McFadden and Boudicca

We were there.

A glance over the media today tells us the usual false-reporting is going on that contradicts what I and a million other people saw with our own eyes.

The London March was peaceful and good natured. And inspiring.

Demonstrators and police were well behaved.

We were with the 10,000 or so who started at Hyde Park Speakers Corner, I saw no trouble and very few police.

We were not dispersed by the police. There were not enough police in attendance to do so.

We simply marched off and joined the main procession.

People were joining it from all over the place, I don’t know where they were all coming from but by the time we were marching down Oxford Street the numbers had swollen remarkably and the march stretched forward and back as far as I could see with people twenty abreast filling the road. There are plenty of videos that give you the size of it.

We personally witnessed no trouble and the enemy seemed to have not bothered to send in their provocateurs to store it up and create bad press, which is the routine tactic. Maybe they have knocked off the nonsense because few people are gullible enough to buy it anymore.

We left the march at Blackfriars having walked several miles. We heard later that the march continued along the Thames and completed a huge loop that finished back in Hyde Park. Apparently there was a small pocket of trouble at the end there when the police tried to disperse some people for some reason but reports from people who were there confirm that this was a minor ripple in an otherwise good natured day. This was quite a positive considering the march comprised about a million people from a very broad cross section of the society.

The corporate media of course, fresh from not reporting the stream of government lies and cover-ups that have accompanied a direct assault by the nation’s enemies upon our democracy, decided once again to focus on the one small fracas at the expense of the broad spectrum of insight it could have given people had it been trying to inform rather than fool them.

The corporate media, as usual, in reporting on the event covered itself not so much in glory as something unmentionable in its traditional manner.

A glance a today’s press shows the usual false reporting of numbers, distortion of motives and disproportionate mention of a small pocket of alleged “violence”. The latter always seems to succeed in making the police look bad, which is a pity as on the whole they did a good job on the day, enabling a million people to march through the capital with barely an incident.

This march was a true People’s march. It spanned generations and social classes and embraced patriots and concerned citizens from OAPs to kids and, as usual, the media managed to insult and disparage all of them by its insistence on misrepresenting what actually occurred.

Maybe one day journalists will wake up to the fact that it is THEIR and their children’s future they are helping drag down into the dreary slime of tyranny.

But we wouldn’t hold our breath,

Fortunately, few are gullible enough to trust the media anymore.

We think the march topped a million people. Other estimates are 700,000. Either way it is awesome that this many people came to demonstrate DESPITE every effort of the corporate media to forward the government’s lies and block out the truth, the flanking actions of elaborate internet censorship, the effort to silence dissenting voices across the social media networks and generally shut down all but the approved narrative.

It is quite remarkable that their efforts to cut communication, delete truths, silence challenges and generally eliminate all but the chosen narrative of a devious, degenerate criminal faction is failing and failing heavily.

The truth gets through and you might as well try to stop a river with an fishing net.

MW and B

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