Global fightback news - Holland riots

Third night of anti-lockdown riots sweep cities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has experienced another night of rioting as protesters continue to oppose a coronavirus curfew imposed by the globalist Covid Terror faction in the Dutch government.

The unrest is perhaps inevitable as the Dutch people endure crushing social and economic suppression through the device of lockdowns presented as a "solution" to the Covid19 outbreak.

Lockdowns are now discredited for several reasons, not least of which is the fact that countries that have not locked down have tended to fare better than those that have. This comes at a time when the psychological warfare lies that provided the false premise for lockdowns have been exposed.

Governments under the thumb of globalist proxies have nevertheless doggedly persisted with the lockdown strictures that comprise subversive attacks upon the prosperity, liberty and well being of their people.

This increasingly brazen effort to crush nations on an ever more transparent pretext has inevitably provoked outrage among a fast growing portion of the citizenry,

This in turn has seen the spontaneous rise of a powerful freedom movement and, where governments continue to refuse to heed common sense or reason in their pursuit of globalist objectives, increasingly violent revolt.

The uprising in Holland is regarded by many as a foretaste of things to come and has many globalist collaborators within government fearful for their own futures.

With the advent of new crimes centred around experimental biochemical agents misrepresented as vaccines and the manifest adverse health events caused by them, the plight of the globalist collaborators looks likely to rapidly worsen.

In Holland, a ridiculous 9 pm curfew and oppressive lockdown measures were challenged by protesters, but the protests descended into violence thanks to infiltration by globalist agent provocateurs on the streets and globalist shills and trolls fomenting upset on the social media, which are controlled by the globalist Big Tech companies.

Rioters confronted police in several Dutch cities for the third night running and, as usual, the police bore the brunt of the engineered upset. This is a tragedy considering sympathy with the freedom movement and its efforts to expose and resist the Covid psyop attack on their county is strong among the police rank and file.

Police in Rotterdam used a water cannon and tear gas in an attempt to disperse a crowd as angry citizens people took to the streets.

The city's mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb has issued an emergency decree which gives police broader powers of arrest, a move that is guaranteed to further inflame and provoke unrest.

Police in Goes and the North Holland province said they have detained people "on suspicion" of using social media to call for rioting. However, given the tight censorship of the social media by the Big Tech companies, some observers contend that such calls could only circulate with Big Tech acquiescence. This raises concerns that the social media giants have allowed their networks to become infested with globalist trolls charged with the mission of inflaming unrest.

From the globalist perspective, economic collapse and severe social disorder are desirable as these pave the way (they hope) for one or other of their proxies "coming to the rescue" with even more suppression of liberty.

"It is unacceptable," Prime Minister Mark Rutte said of rioting over the weekend. "This has nothing to do with protesting, this is criminal violence and that's how we'll treat it."

One of the worst hit cities is the southern city of Eindhoven, where police clashed with hundreds of rioters who torched a car, threw rocks and fireworks at officers, smashed windows and looted.

The unrest is expected to grow if the suppression of the people continues.