Good News from the war on Freedom


Good News from the war on Freedom

You may be more immune than you think

by Anonymous

The following is a quote from an online newspaper today (The Sun, I think) which actually contains some good news that considerably undermines the government/BigPharma Covid Psyop. I've made some comments of my own [in brackets]


Brits who recover from Covid have similar levels of protection against the virus as vaccinated patients, a major study reveals. "

[um, when they say "similar levels of protection" what they should have said is much better levels because so far as I know, the vax companies are not promising PROTECTION from the virus but an ALLEVIATION OF SYMPTOMS (whatever that means exactly]

"Public Health England found prior infection slashed the chances of falling unwell again by at least 90 per cent.

"Experts said protection fpr recovered Brits was "at least as good" as that given by the jab"

["as good as"? See my comment above. Plus, (a) considering that the vax is already showing a very high percentage of "health impact events" and adverse reactions - a number that will grow over time as more and more show up, and considering (b) that the vast majority of people who "get Covid" get no or mild or moderate symptoms, the natural immunity route is probably a much less risky option for most.]

"In the largest study of its kind, involving nearly 21,000 NHS workers, researchers found the “vast majority” had immunity against the virus six months after initially catching it.

"Experts said the “strongly encouraging” results suggest protection likely lasts much longer."

[notice above the article says at least 90% (!) which suggests the true figure is very close to 100%. Of course we can bolster this and the nation's overall resistance to this and similar bugs still further by a crash national program to increase protection safely and cheaply through use of vitD vitC Zinc ete - technology that is already well known, freely available and more advanced than the crude and risk tech used by Big Pharma]

Further Commentary:

This opens the door to the following common sense program

1. If people in the highly-at-risk category (mainly the very old/already very ill with cancer, obesity etc) really want the vaccine they should have it. It is their right to demand a treatment if they want it.

However, (a) they MUST be fully briefed on and understand all the risks involved in this. They must be provided with a signed attestation by the administrator of the vax as to what exactly- and if any- those risks are. If a person should suffer harm or die as a result of the vax when they were knowingly falsely promised they would not do so, then the administrator of the vax should be liable to prosecution.

2. The indemnifying of vax companies against legal action arising from harm done by their vaccines must be cancelled. The vax company must be responsible for the integrity and truthfulness of it research and its marketing and other claims of its product.

3. A fully impartial inquiry must be provided by the gov as a service to the people to look into the whole issue of the safety and efficacy of vaccines, the honesty and integrity of research and of claims made.

4. Better provision must be made for shielding the small minority of elderly or very ill people who are vulnerable to serious complications from this OR ANY OTHER BUG (such as seasonal flu) that causes similar complications for the vulnerable)

5. At the same time, the above mentioned crash program of vitamins and nutrition to bolster national immunity and general health must be undertaken. Instead of spending billions setting up vax centres to inject people it would be far cheaper and more effective in the long term for the nation's health and unburdening the NHS to set up centres to provide free education on the use of vits and minerals and financial help to buy them where such is needed.

For some reason - most likely to do with the fact that there is no gain in it for its pals in the pharmaceutical industry - whilst the government endlessly engages in public hand-wringing over its "concern" for the nation's heath and the NHS, this simple strategy is studiously ignored.

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