Covid 19 and the suppression of known remedies

There IS a way the gov could have considerably reduced even the low odds of Covid death and avoided anyone having to gamble on a experimental biochemical agent pretending to be a vaccine. And indeed of reducing the impact of the bug across the boards, speeding up recovery, reducing the burden on the NHS etc etc etc.

I'm talking here of the KNOWN remedies that have been around for decades and have proven highly workable in the hands of medical professionals and have been far more thoroughly tested in practice as to safety and efficacy than the new experimental biochemical agents rushed onto the market by Pfizer and Moderna.

I am talking here of Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquine, plus the use of Vitamins D and C and Zinc. And there are probably other workable remedies I do not know about.

Their use could have reduced the mortality rate to near zero judging by the successes that were had with their use in the USA and Europe before the government and Big Pharma decided to (a) studiously ignore them or (b) with the help of their allies in Big Tech, launch a campaign to discredit them and opt for the far less safe and effective experimental biochemical agents from Moderna and Pfizer instead.

There is no shortage of remedies that could have saved lives and/or reduced the severity of an illness that is unpleasant if you get a bad does of it.

The remedies and solutions were suppressed and made scarce to serve the vaccine agenda.This of course denied the citizen free choice in pursuit of his or her own health by essentially hiding withholding from them some of the options available.

Those who suppressed these remedies and withheld them from people who needed them have blood on their hands.

Consider: we have a government that wrings its hands and sheds crocodile tears over "thousands" of people who died from a flu-like virus when they could have been saved had not that same government withheld from them existing known, cheap, safe remedies.

A very large percentage of those reported to have died with Covid19 should, more truthfully, be reported as "allowed to die when they could have been saved".

If I were worried about the Covid flu, which at 70ish I am not, I would go for the Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin remedies as I know these are safe and effective. They are a lot less risky and a lot more certain of a result than the so-called vaccines.

Better still, lots of vitamin C and D and zinc so that I have a immune system well capable for looking after itself.