Listen to your doctor . . . all 87,000+ of them

by Kieron McFadden

This is a must-watch video.

We are often told we should “listen to our doctor”

Well here are tens of thousands of them with an urgent health warning.

The whole thing about the Covid Terror and the pandemic being a hoax – a marketing exercise involving a re-branding of a flu virus – is that the people saying it are not some lunatic fringe.

They are doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, virologists, surgeons, general practitioners and various other intelligent and well-trained professionals by the tens of thousands with more joining their ranks by the day.

The mainstream media has worked hard to keep these myriad voices of warning silent or at least marginalised so that their message does not reach the bulk of the public.

Thus the MSM, the owners, editors and journalists who collaborate with the political Covid-Vax Faction that pushes this colossal deceit are themselves party to the crimes being perpetrated against millions of their fellow human beings.

Much is said to the effect that the public should “wake up”. Fair enough, they should.

But we need to recognise the role played by the enemies of man and their collaborators in keeping them asleep.

So it is not enough to berate the citizenry with exhortations to “wake up”.

We should also be telling the editors, journalists and so forth of the media who drip-feed them their soporifics to “get honest” and “side with the people.” [UKR Editor’s note: a “soporific” means something that tends to induce drowsiness or sleep.]

Until they do, whilst they continue to aid and abet the oppressors of humankind we must then consider them a broken information line, build our own lines that bypass them and reach the people.

Please watch this video, share it as widely as you can and give the tens of thousands of medical professionals around the world who are sticking their necks out so that you and your kids have a future all the support you can muster.