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Sir Desmond Swayne

Ministers have sought to head off a potentially damaging parliamentary defeat on Coronavirus by dangling an offer of further scrutiny of the government’s actions in front of Conservative rebels.

Health secretary Matt Hancock also announced he “planned to meet” (whatever that means exactly) the leader of the “rebels” on his own party’s benches, Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the powerful 1922 group of Tory MPs. We are not sure what our politicians think “rebel” means. Rebels usually do some rebelling and we the people are not seeing much evidence of that.

But there was frustration among Tory MPs as bans on loud music, singing and dancing, imposed as part of new emergency coronavirus rules, came into force just hours before Mr Hancock took to his feet in the Commons.

It is a pity that all this hand-wringing “anger and “frustration” among MPs did not actually result in them actually voting, most of them, against a government manifestly devoted to the sinking of Britannia.

In an angry speech Sir Desmond Swayne, the Tory MP for New Forest West, (who DID side with the people and vote against the government) said recent measures taken by the government had left him wondering if the prime minister had been “abducted by Dr Strangelove”.

He added that a presentation by the chief medical officer and the chief scientist last week, warning of the spread of the disease, was “Project Fear” and should have been a “sacking offence”.

We applaud Sir Desmond, for he sets a fine example of a man rising above party politics to stand up for his country.

It is a pity the majority MPs could not follow his example and, instead of pussy footing around whilst the UK is dragged down into ruin, galavanise themselves to rise to its defence.

Their failure to do so, no matter what the pretext, tells us everything we need to know about their true allegiances.

By their DEEDS shall ye know them.