Murder most foul – A Whistleblower’s tale

Intro by Steve Cook

There has been a dramatic surge in care homes deaths since the start of vaccinations. Update from the excellent UK Column. See video

Distressing revelations from a care home manager whistle-blower with the courage to speak out. She gives a fascinating – and harrowing – insight into how the care and health system has become a totalitarian system in which carers have been turned into tools of the state’s unthinking machine as it rolls out a cull of our senior citizens.

After the whistleblower interview a typically incisive and no-nonsense analysis from the UK Column team.

It is becoming obvious that the surge of care home deaths and the cover up and systemic silencing of dissent is the result of deliberate covert policy by a criminally insane central government.

You can help in the Great Fight Back against the the encroaching slime of a central government that has set itself up as the covert enemy and oppressor of our once-free nation and thinks nothing of murdering its citizens.

Simply forward and share this briefing and analysis as widely as you can.

The corporate media has been mobilised to falsely portray the actual scene and deny access to information that would help the citizen understand the attack that has ben launched against his or her life and liberty. You help, then, is priceless in ensuring the full info reaches your fellow citizens.

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