How much good do we do?

by Fabian Ubiquitus

I’ve covered in other articles how the psychological warfare experts behind the current attack on the world’s democracies use basic psyops techniques to subvert, demoralise and plant doubts in the minds of the “enemy” – the enemy in this case being the people fighting back against the most serious attack on us for over half a century..

There is a crude technology at work that can be quite effective if people are not aware of it. As soon as they become aware of it and can see it at work, they cease to be the effect of it.

Hence the adages,

increased awareness is the antidote to brainwashing


increased understanding in the antidote to propaganda

The dark art of psychological warfare was developed during WW2 by Goebbels at the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda in Germany and Army psychiatrist, Brigadier JR Rees of the Tavistock Institute in London.

Its raw power depended upon the vast majority of people being unaware of what was being done and the mind games being played on them. In other words, just because someone is playing mind games does not mean you have to be the adverse effect of it unless you want to be. All you have to know is that they are doing it and, preferably, how they are doing it.

And the “how” is not rocket science once you look at it. The thing that keeps you out of difficulty, as with most of life, is LOOKING.

Eighty odd years on from the days of the WW2 psyop, we have the advantage of a far greater collective experience of being lied to, a far greater understanding of how information is manipulated and forwarded and by who, a rational mistrust of the sources of such “info” and therefore a far greater understanding of how the psyops boys’ mind games work.

Put very crudely, propaganda boils down to:

  1. Lying. Spreading false reports, complete fabrications, half truths, altered truths etc.

  2. People believing that the source of the aforementioned lies is trustworthy.

One of those efforts to demoralise the “enemy” is to implant the idea of how futile his efforts are.

We see that being run on the Freedom movement at times.

One aspect of that is the idea that our social media efforts and our various groups are “only preaching to the converted” and “are not reaching or having much effect upon people outside of those limited circles”.

Oh really?

Well let’s look that over.

The first look at it is the broad overview of how much public dissent over the COVID hoax has grown.

In the beginning, when this attack on us was first launched, very few spoke out against it and most people (including me, I should point out) pretty much bought into what BJ and his gang of crooks were so “expertly” telling us. They were solidly backed by a media in the same enemy camp almost unanimously drumming home the same sales pitch.

Remember that? Remember the broad almost complete agreement as to the horror we were facing and how thoroughly the paradigm was sold?

Remember how the voices of dissent, those who spoke out to raise the alarm were few in number and treated like a lunatic fringe?

Well, just a few months later, look at how much that has changed. Dissent has spread with incredible speed, even in the teeth of the government’s relentless propaganda onslaught, giving birth to an entire freedom movement numbering millions of people in a very short space of time.

That movement is still growing and every move the government makes against the people simply energises and accelerates it.

So the efforts of the Few who spoke out, who refused to shut up, who formed like-minded groups and exchanged ideas back and forth among themselves paid off didn’t they?

Somehow those ideas permeated out beyond the ranks of the converted and reached and converted more people until the Few became the Many.

I can relate my own experience to that.

At the start, I bought into what BJ was telling us. Like an idiot I believed him and believed (don’t laugh) that he was genuinely battling the outbreak of a virus that could strike down millions of people, that many would “lose loved ones before their time” to quote his exact words, prevent the NHS collapsing under the strain.

In my head were images conveniently planted there by the entertainment industry of “killer virus” and “zombie apocalypse” movies.

To my shame, I remember someone on FB (I don’t recall who it was otherwise I would publicly apologise) countering the hysteria that was in fashion at the time with “It is just a ruddy flu virus!”. And I very politely yet self-righteously shot him down with, “Oh, it’s more than just a flu . . . ” followed by a paraphrase of the government’s propaganda.

It was not one of my finer moments. But that seemingly innocuous exchange stuck in my mind. I was kind of uneasy about it, if you can imagine someone being self-righteous and uneasy at the same time.

Then, by chance, I came across someone else on FB pointing out how the gov were falsifying the mortality stats to make the outbreak of whatever-it-was-exactly sound like an outbreak of the Spanish ruddy flu or some other scary thing like the Black Death.

That got my attention. It was not a big shocker in fact, the idea that our government could lie to us. After all they’d lied to us about the EU, Saddam’s WMD, the economic stats, unemployment stats and so on – in fact done little else since the tech of HMG’s “public relations” became redefined as “lying through your teeth” decades before I was even born.

And here by the way lies an example in yours truly of what they call – if I’ve understood it correctly – “cognitive dissonance” or what Orwell referred to as “Double Think”- the phenomenon where someone can hold two contradictory ideas as the same time.

In this case I knew that the government is an expert and relentless liar and should not be trusted any further than one could throw Big Ben, yet at the same time I believed that the government was telling me the truth about COVID19.

I think a “LOL” is in order at this point.

Then someone else pointed out the gov was relying on the math of a certain Prof Ferguson of the Imperial College as the basis for its scaremongering and that his math were, well, rubbish.

So I checked him out and found he had a track record of very alarming yet appallingly inaccurate “predictions” based on dodgy math over previous epidemics which were early prototypes for the COVID Biggie.

It was pretty obvious that no responsible government with an even tenuous grip on reason would use that man’s models to predict what day it will be tomorrow, let alone tell a nation that millions of us were gonna die or some such horrible thing.

It became clear that the only logical reason that any government would trot out that man with his track record of wrong but frightening predictions would be if they wanted frightening predictions that would appear scientific or mathematical – nand a simple thing like not being bonkers was not required.

So, by then there were several alarms bells ringing that I could not ignore: the falsified mortality stats and the dodgy mathematical models both geared to scaring the crap out of me and you and the rest of the populace and justifying lockdowns that any idiot could predict were guaranteed to wreck the economy.

By then of course I was alert to everything that we were told by the gov and its media propaganda arm and more and more and more lies and contradictions that one could only miss if one were trying hard NOT to look became evident.

One of the biggest, of course, was the PCR test fraud. I mean, you have to be trying REALLY hard with gritted teeth not to see that this test has delivered an ongoing epidemic of false positives that aid the false narrative of a killer epidemic . . . .

And so on. You know the rest.

By the time I had done a bit of research and found connections between the WHO, psychiatry and the Tavistock psych warfare crew and a SAGE committee loaded with fellow “psychologists” (and no virologists apparently!) it was obvious that a psyop – a psychological warfare attack – was in progress, except with the enemy not a legitimate target such as a hostile foreign power, but you me, our loved ones, neighbours and fellow citizens.

Okay, so that’s a very brief summary of how I went from being pretty much a True Believer of the COVID Death Cult, as my son poetically calls it, to becoming a modern version of an heretic who has discovered the Holy Scriptures have a few fibs in them.

The point I am making here is that without seeing a lone post by a dissident, then another, then another of what was at that time still a small number of people, I never would have been alerted to the fabrication of the hoax that is being run.

And I would not now be writing essays like this.

I very much doubt I am the only one who was alerted in this way to what is going on and the frauds and other crimes being perpetrated by the gang of crooks that has hijacked our government.

So it is not true that our posts and discussions only reach the already converted. They make converts. Our numbers expand as the sound of the fire alarm reaches more and more ears.

And what do you do when there is a fire, the alarm is sounding but half the people in the building choose not to hear it? Do you let them be consumed by the flames? Our do you sound the alarm louder?

Persistence is required and brings its own reward of more saved lives.

So ignore the psyop boys who try to discourage you. Pour coals on what you are doing, it DOES work.

Ideas spread – with our without the internet in fact.

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