Pseudo-vaccines implicated in January surge in UK all-cause deaths?




by Steve Cook

There has been a sudden and thus far unexplained surge in all-cause mortality in the UK .

That surge is not accounted for by the government’s fiddled and false-reported stats on “Covid deaths” – not even close.

So something else is suddenly causing people to get sick and die of various illnesses.

A stat surges because something causes it to surge and when it surges way above the usual norms, that tells you some new causative factor has been introduced.

So what is it? What new factor has entered in that is causing a sudden sharp rise in deaths to manifest in January 2021?

Well, the surge is date-coincident with the introduction by government of the experimental biochemical agents deceptively labelled “vaccines” and their injection into millions of people in a short space of time.

A few weeks down the line, reports are flooding in of serious adverse reactions to these pseudo-vaccines. We are talking about thousands of such serious adverse health events.

These are so numerous and so serious that websites have been set up so that the victims can warn others who have not yet been conned into submitting to these biochemical injections. You can find one such here.

If you read some of the reports. You’ll see that these are not minor reactions. Now, ask yourself whether someone who is very elderly/frail or ill from an existing health condition is going to struggle to cope with the severity of these reactions.

How may already weakened people are going to die as a direct result of their reaction to these biochemical agents?

Bear in mud, too, that it is kwown that when these pseudo-vaccines were hastily and negligently “researched” they were NOT TESTED ON PEOPLE WITH UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS. Such test subjects were screened out!

Consider, too, that this is an immediate-term consequence of the pseudo-vaxxes. God alone knows – if these deaths are already showing up – what the medium- and long-term consequences are going to be.

Consider that with vaccines, the main problems usually show up over time (months and years) and that is why it is usual to do long-term trials of new drugs – the very trials that were recklessly dispensed with in this case.

Experts such as the ones cited in this video and this video have been warning us that the long term consequences are going to be grim. I think even they did not expect deaths to start occurring so quickly.

Now, this is conjecture. The pseudo-vaccines look to me to be the culprits but maybe there is some other cause, something else causing people in large numbers to suddenly start dying of various illnesses. So the bottom lie is that the whole matter needs a thorough, impartial and conscientious investigation.

If we don’t get it, if we get fudge and excuses and efforts to distract our attention elsewhere, efforts to inhibit or discourage LOOKING, then we shall know which cupboard to home in on for the skeletons.

It is observable that the corporate media, so enthusiastically behind the pseudo-vaccine drive, has paid no attention to this surge in deaths – something that you would think would be newsworthy. And the giverbment had not addressed it at all. But it is of course preoccupied with its obsession with a flu virus that, whilst very unpleasant for some, kills very few people, would kill even fewer if known remedies for it had not been suppressed and which has an average age of fatality of 82 – a YEAR OLDER than the average age of death from all causes.

So we have here a matter in urgent need of proper investigation.

But we won ‘t get it.

As usual, it is left to the People’s Media to bring the matter to public attention, whilst the corporate media distorts and filters so as to promote the vested interests of its major shareholders, owners and creditors and in so doing renders itself a partner to serious humanitarian crimes.

We may be looking here at the mother of all f@ck ups and a hijacked government that will respond with the mother of all cover-ups.


Well, if it turns out that the government has been enthusiastically injecting the populace with exerimental agents that sicken, debilitate and kill its own citizens in an effort to “deal with” a bug it has cynically lied about and misrepresented from the outset – whilst suppressing and withholding known safe remedies, we are looking at an atrocity of historic prioprtions.

Remember that despite the warnings from various experts and the real-time manifestation of thousands of adverse health events and the deaths that are already showing up, the government is forging ahead and enthusiastically injecting the populace regardless.

The sane, rational thing to do would be to suspend the vax program while the matter is investigated. Peole who are vulnerable to Covid can still be helped by making the known remedies available (more healthily and safely than the pseudo vaccines).

Where this is not done, where a government forges ahead with injecting millions more people with these pseudo-vaxes, despite these serious crimes, we must begin to consider that sickness and death are the desired result.

But make up your own mind. The following podcast provides a well reasoned and intelligent case for an urgent and thorough (and HONEST) investigation into the matter of the pseudo-vaccines being pushed by the government.

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