SecKit Go CoreXY 3D Printer


  • A CoreXY printer with 2020 aluminum extrusion frame and linear rails

  • 310x310x350 mm^3 build volume

  • All metal joints

  • 9-Point Leveling Bed

SK-Go¹ came with a bed frame built upon aluminum extrusions and a 3-point 3mm thick thin bed. A 9-Point Leveling Bed was then introduced into SK-Go².

SK-Go² Essential Kit (including a 9-Point Leveling Bed) + self-sourcing components = a full printer

Official Upgrades


  • 9-Point leveling bed

Treat the 3mm thin aluminum bed as a flexible surface and mechanically adjusted the flatness by 9 supporting bolts. Heat up fast due to less thermal mass. A magnetic rubber can be pasted upon the surface for spring steel PEI build plates.

  • High temperature magnetic bed

An 8mm aluminum plate with built-in 16 N42SH magnets. Spring steel PEI build plates can be attached onto it easily. If you need an ABL sensor, use a BL-Touch but not an inductive sensor since the circular magnets will create magnetic interference.

  • (Order by request)

Courtesy: SK-Go owner Benoît Barbé

Z drive

  • Belted-Z

The Belted-Z comes with one 20:1 gearbox stepping motor which synchronizes 2 linear rails. A belt drive eliminates possible Z wobbles caused by unaligned lead screws.

  • Triple-Z

This Triple-Z comes with 3 independent belt-driven Z drives which enables auto bed tramming and can sustain a 4KG payload (including 3KG of SK-Go 9-point bed + heater + magnetic PEI plate and 1KG of the print) without free fall while steppers disabled. Belt drives and a built-in Kelvin style kinematic coupler eliminate Z wobbles caused by lead screws.

Since the bed is floating on the kinematic coupler but not fastened to bed carriages, and belt drives positions can be adjusted according to your needs, this kit can be applied to different cube-style printers with 2020 aluminum extrusions as the frame, with different build volumes.

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