Music Artist Research Project


Create a PowerPoint presentation about a current-day music artist or band of your choice. Your presentation should include the following categories, with a minimum of nine slides:

  • Title: Title slide with your artist's full name, date of birth, pictures, etc.
  • Top Songs: List your artist's top songs. List at least 5 songs, the year they were released, pictures or stills from music videos
  • Albums: List all of the albums released by your artist, along with their year of release. If your artist doesn't have many albums, you may list EP's as well. Include pictures of album covers.
  • Backstory: Find information about your artist from before they were famous. What were they like when they were a child? What were their interests? Include pictures of your artist from before they were famous.
  • How they became famous: What events happened that lead to your artist's fame? Did they get a lucky break or did they slowly build their following?
  • Inspiration: Research information about the musicians that inspired your artist. What kind of music did they listen to growing up? Include pictures of those musicians.
  • Genre: What genre of music does your artist make? If it doesn't fit into one category, list the different styles that they take from. Does your artist bring anything new to their genre of music? Do they collaborate with any other artists in their genre? Include pictures of other artists from the genre.
  • Why do you like this artist? What about this artist appeals to you? Is it only their music, or is it their attitude, style, personality and other things? Explain in several sentences and include pictures.
  • Works cited page: List all the websites used for the project. Google does not count as a source! Make sure to copy and past the URL when you're researching.

Each category should be at least one slide long, but you may want to put some categories on multiple pages.


  • Each category is worth three points for quality, content and effort (3 points each - 27 points total)
  • Present your PowerPoint to the class in a clear, informative manner (3 points)

Submitting the project:

I recommend using PowerPoint Online for the project. This will allow you to work on the project during school and at home if you need to, without carrying a flash drive back and forth. Click the link to the right to go to PowerPoint online and begin.

When finished, press the "share" button on the top right of your screen. Enter my email address: and submit.

If you choose to use the desktop version of PowerPoint, please email me your presentation using the same email address.


Music Research Project example
Music Research Project example 2