6. Light Belt

"Minuet in G"

Practice this song at home:

Practice this song on your recorder. When you're ready, play it during or after class to earn your light belt. Take your time and practice slowly. Use the track to keep your tempo steady. Learn how to play the new note, high F sharp, and learn how to slur multiple notes together below.

New Note: High F Sharp

A high F sharp is played like a high G, but with your right middle finger down as well. Remember to only cover half of the back thumb hole. Look at the fingering chart to the left.

Reviewed Concept: Slurs

In this song, you will need to slur many notes together. Whenever there is a curved line over a sequence of notes, use your tongue on the first note and continue to blow while your fingers change the rest of the notes.

Watch the video if you need extra help. Print the PDF if you want a paper copy:

Video coming soon

Light Belt - Minuet in G PDF.pdf