Film Music Project


Listen to the film soundtrack examples below. With a partner, choose one that you like. Listen to the music carefully and craft a story that follows the emotional "beats" of the music. Imagine that it's your job to film a movie scene, but you already have the soundtrack. Each track changes and evolves as it goes. As the emotional element of the music changes, craft your story to follow the direction the music takes. Create a story that follows the music!

Once you have a story figured out, create a story board for your movie scene. Use PowerPoint Online to create at least 15 slides to plot out your story. On each slide, put the time stamp of that section (example: 0:45 - 1:00), a brief description of the section, and an image that represents what the movie shot would look like. Use the "add pictures from online" function to get pictures quickly, or copy and paste into PowerPoint.

When you're finished, practice presenting your slideshow to the music. Share the file with Mr. Schaefer at and present the story board for the class with your partner as the music plays.


  • PowerPoint Slides: (10 points) Create at least 15 slides for your movie scene. Include a timestamp, picture, and brief description for each slide.
  • Match the Music: (7 points) Your story should follow the emotion expressed in the music. Timestamps should line up with changes in the music.
  • Presentation: (3 points) Present your storyboard to the class and explain your movie scene as the music soundtrack is played.

Here is an example of what a completed project should look like:

Click the button to go to PowerPoint, get the template and begin the project:

The Mummy OST - My Favorite Plague.mp3

#1: Suspenseful

The Boxtrolls OST #12 - Allergic.mp3

#2: Magical

Randy Edelman - Dragonheart - Kyle, The Wheat Boy.mp3

#3: Triumphant

The Key.mp3

#4: Joyful

The Village Score - 04 - Those We Don't Speak Of - James Newton Howard.mp3

#5: Scary

10 - Alan Parrish - James Horner - Jumanji.mp3

#6: Reflective

James Bond_ Casino Royale OST - 13. Stairwell Flight.mp3

#7: Tense

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Soundtrack-14 The Mountain.mp3

#8: Adventure