5. Aether Belt

"Down to the River to Pray"

Practice this song at home:

Practice this song on your recorder. When you're ready, play it during or after class to earn your aether belt. Take your time and practice slowly. Use the track to keep your tempo steady. Learn about the new concept, the slur, and practice slurring your notes.

New Concept: Slur

A slur is a curved line that connects two notes of different pitches together. In this song, the word "down" is slurred several times. Look at the first slur in the third line. The first note (D) will be played normally, with your tongue. When you play the C, don't use your tongue and just transition your fingers while still blowing into the recorder. Sometimes, a slur will cover more than just two notes. Look out for this in later elemental belt songs.

Watch the video if you need extra help. Print the PDF if you want a paper copy:

Video coming soon

Aether Belt - Down to the River to Pray PDF.pdf