Intro to Bucket Drumming

Holding your drumsticks:

Hold both of your drumsticks facing out. Place your thumb just above where it says "Selected Maple". Grip the sticks firmly between your thumb and index finger, while the other fingers loosely hold the sticks in your palms. Turn your hands inward so that your knuckles face up. Take a look at the pictures and try to copy the position:

Five Important Rhythms

Practice the rhythms in this video. You will learn the following rhythms:

  • Down Beat
  • Front Beat
  • Back Beat
  • Eighth notes
  • Up Beat
5 Basic Rhythms EVERYONE Should Know.mp4

"Threes" Practice:

This exercise will help you control your sticks. Follow along with the video and try to keep the motion only in your wrists, not your arms.

Stick Control Exercise to LEVEL INSANE!.mp4