Incredibox Assignment

Incredibox Assignment


Create a layered music loop on Use version 2, 3 or 4. Drag different rhythms, harmonies, and melodies onto the guys to add new sounds to your song. Play around with the different sounds until you find your favorite ones. Click the button on the right to go to incredibox.

When you're ready to record your song, follow these steps:

  • Press "stop sounds" to clear your instruments
  • Press "record"
  • Drag different rhythms, harmonies and melodies onto your guys. Do this slowly; build up the song at a slow pace!
  • Once your page is filled, press the "x" when you hover over the guys to get rid of some and bring some new sounds in.
  • You can also mute your guys or give them a solo by hovering over the headphones or speaker icons
  • When you're finished, press "stop record"

When your recording is done:

  • Press "replay" to hear it again
  • If you want to submit it, click "share my mix"
  • Put in your name and title, press Enter
  • Copy the link and put it in the form below:

Fill out this form

Make sure to use Google Chrome as your browser, or else the form may not load correctly.

This will be graded! Make sure to follow the instructions and answer the question in complete sentences.


  • Record a song on Incredibox that follows the instructions at the top of the page (7 points)
  • Answer the questions on the form in full sentences and submit (3 points)