Video Game Music Project

Video Game Music Project


1. Create a basic idea for a retro video game. It could be:

  • A puzzle game (like Tetris)
  • A platforming game (like Super Mario)
  • An arcade game (like PacMan or Space Invaders)
  • Be creative! Think of an original idea.

2. Using Beepbox, create at least two music tracks for your game. The tracks can be:

  • A character's theme
  • Level music
  • Main menu music
  • Battle music, victory music, etc.

3. Design a character, level or image for each of your tracks.

  • Use the pixel art websites linked lower on this page

4. Put the links to your song and your images onto a Word Online page. Make a title for your game and explain how each of the songs match your character, level, or image.

How to use Beepbox:

Beepbox is a website for creating retro-style "8-bit" video game music. The easiest way to understand how BeepBox works is to click on the links and see it for yourself. The instructions below will help you make your first tracks.

  1. Make your song longer by dragging the purple oval at the bottom

2. Select the instruments to edit their notes. Blue, yellow and red are instruments. Gray at the bottom is drums.

3. Create notes by clicking on the grid. Listen to your melody and try to make it match your character or level.

4. Change the numbers on the bottom so the same pattern doesn't keep repeating.

5. Slowly build your track for a good effect. Check out Example Track #2 to see a good example of a building track.

7. To save your BeepBox track, copy the URL at the top of the page (control + c). Paste it into your Word Online file (control + v) and press enter. You can always go back and edit your track again, but remember to copy and paste the URL each time you finish working on it.


  • Create two music tracks for your video game idea (5 points each, 10 points total)
  • Use Pixel Art Maker to design two character, levels, or images for each track (3 points each, 6 points total)
  • Submit your Word Online file to Mr. Schaefer with a brief description of your game, links to BeepBox and Pixel Art Maker files, and explanation of how your tracks match your character/level/images.