4. Green Belt

"Shamrock Dance"

Practice this song at home:

Practice this song on your recorder. When you're ready, play it during or after class to earn your green belt. Take your time and practice slowly. Use the track to keep your tempo steady.


  • Cover the holes with your finger pads and hold firmly
  • Take a breath by each breath mark
  • Don't forget to repeat the song twice!

New notes: E and D

"E" and "D" are played with your left hand in a "G" position. Your right fingers be covering holes; look at the fingering chart to see how to play these notes. These low notes require even less air than normal. Make sure to cover the holes with the pads of your fingers!

New symbol: Breath Mark

A breath mark looks like a comma above the staff. A breath mark lets you know to take a quick, short breath before continuing.

Watch the video if you need extra help. Print the PDF if you want a paper copy:

Green Belt - Shamrock Dance.pdf