1. Ice Belt

"Deck the Hall"

The Elemental Belts

Congratulations on reaching the level of Black Belt Master! From here, you will learn more advanced songs that will test your abilities even further! Successfully playing these songs will result in an Elemental Belt for your recorder. Because these songs are more difficult to play, the elemental belts are three strings braided together.

The first Elemental Belt song is "Deck the Hall". Practice this song at home and try to earn it during class for your ice belt:

New Notes: Low and High C Sharp

  • A high C sharp is played by only covering the thumb hole.

  • A low C sharp is played by placing every finger on the recorder down. Ever hole should be covered, except your right pinky finger should only cover the larger of the two holes where your pinky finger goes.

Watch the video if you need extra help. Print the PDF if you want a paper copy:

Ice Belt Video
Ice Belt - Deck the Hall PDF.pdf