Instrument Family PowerPoint Project






Use PowerPoint online to create a informative slideshow about an instrument family. Choose one of the four instrument families we learned about in our last class. When you're ready, click the "Go to PowerPoint Online" button below to get started.

Your slideshow should have at least five slides:

  • First page: Family Name, explain how instruments in that family create sound (Woodwinds)
  • Next four pages: Instrument Pages; each about a different instrument from the selected family (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Harmonica)
Instrument Example Project

Each instrument page should have information about the instrument along with pictures. Everything should be written in full sentences. You can make more than one slide per instrument if you wish. Make sure it looks nice!

When you're finished, share it with Mr. Schaefer by pressing the "Share" button and entering

Click here to go to PowerPoint online: (you may need to enter your school username and password)

Use these sources:

Click the links below to get to and FactMonster. Both have good information about instruments.