4. Storm Belt

"William Tell Overture"

Practice this song at home:

Practice this song on your recorder. When you're ready, play it during or after class to earn your storm belt. Take your time and practice slowly. Use the track to keep your tempo steady. This song also needs to be played at a quick tempo!

New Symbol: Tie

A tie is a curved line that connects two notes together. In this example, a two-beat half note is tied to a one-beat quarter note, making one note that gets three beats.

In the Storm Belt song, a two-beat half note is tied to a one-half-beat eighth note, making one note that is two and one-half beats long. Start by playing that measure without a tie, and then practice connecting the two D's together. Watch the video below if you're still having trouble.

Watch the video if you need extra help. Print the PDF if you want a paper copy:

Storm Belt Video
Storm Belt - William Tell Overture PDF.pdf