7. Shadow Belt

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"

Practice this song at home:

Practice this song on your recorder. When you're ready, play it during or after class to earn your light belt. Take your time and practice slowly. Use the track to keep your tempo steady. Learn about the sixteenth notes and staccato below.

New Rhythm: Sixteenth Notes

Sixteenth notes look like eighth notes with a double line where they connect. If a single eighth note is by itself, it looks like an eighth note, but with a double tail. A sixteenth note gets one-quarter of a beat. In this song, the sixteenth notes are in groups of four, so all four notes should be played within one beat. Count these rhythms by saying "one-e-and-a".

New Symbol: Staccato

Staccato notes are played shorter and separated from each other. Make sure to keep a small space between each of these notes. Staccato notes have a small dot above or below them.

Watch the video if you need extra help. Print the PDF if you want a paper copy:

Video coming soon

Shadow Belt - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic PDF.pdf