Rhythm Pattern Project


Watch the Harry Potter Puppet Pals & the Mysterious Ticking Noise video. Practice speaking one of the character's names along with them in the video. For this project, you will be working in groups to create a similar performance. You will perform these in front of the class for a grade.

Step 1: Come up with a theme

Come up with a theme for your performance. Keep your theme simple. Here are some examples that students have done in the past:

  • Animals (alligator, kangaroo, eagle)
  • Candy (Skittles, lollipop, Sour Patch Kids)
  • School supplies (pencil, calculator, glue stick)
  • Super Heroes (Batman, Wonder woman, Flash)
  • Holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas)
  • Planets (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury)

Step 2: Choose a rhythm pattern for each word

After you choose a theme, each person should decide what word they want to use for their rhythm pattern. Listen to the examples below and choose one that fits your word. If you think you can create your own pattern, go ahead, but make sure Mr. Schaefer checks to make sure it's correct. Write your rhythm pattern and words on the worksheet.

Step 3: Set up your performance

Once everyone know what they're doing, start to figure out how your performance will work. Decide who will say the intro, and what the order will be. At the end of class, here's how your performance will go.

  • One person says the intro
  • First person says their rhythm a few times
  • Second person joins in
  • Third person joins in
  • Fourth (and fifth) person joins in
  • Say your closing line all together

Step 4: Practice and perform!

As soon as everyone knows what they're doing, find a place in the room to stand in a line and practice. Remember the first person should be all the way to the right, and the last person should be standing to the left. Make sure to stay with the beat and say your words to the correct rhythm!


Even though it is a group project, you will be graded individually:

  • Individuals are on task and work as a team: 4 points
  • Rhythms are spoken correctly and paper is filled out correctly: 4 points
  • Performance is together and not a mess: 2 points
5th Grade Music Ostinato Project PDF.pdf