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Not Your Parents Dungeons & Dragons

Facilitated by unschooling father and daughter team, Freddie and Vivian Kluth

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Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has been around for decades and Vivian’s dad played D&D back in the day. Now Vivian and Freddie host multiple D&D games for their unschooling community and do convention presentations centering on how following their intrinsic interest in Dungeons & Dragons brings them great joy.

Tune in to this humorous talk that looks at D&D, the game's history and how it has changed from being a game aimed at socially challenged boys to become an inclusive, multigenerational world-wide phenomenon.


Vivian Kluth was first introduce to a form of Dungeons and Dragons when she was just 4-years-old. She immediately embraced this "theater-of-the-mind" concept, as children naturally do, and paused the game to direct her parents to re-enact the scene that had played out when she rolled the dice. Vivian has been role-playing ever since. She's always been a storyteller, singing and narrating her life and her imaginings from the time she could speak and play. Now, if anyone broaches the subject of Dungeons and Dragons with her, she can talk about it for hours on end.

When not playing D&D, Vivian occupies much her time gaming, hiking, playing with friends, hanging out with family, creating art ... and reading books! She loves comic books of all sorts, anime, science-fiction, mythology and adventure novels such as Rebel of the Sands and Harry Potter (which she has read several times).

Freddie Kluth is dedicated to supporting all of life's creative expressions in a playful and authentic way.

Vivian Kluth

Unschooler, D&D expert, Singer, Storyteller, Story-creator

Freddie Kluth

Writer, Dungeon Master, Healing Facilitator

Dragon Ministries

Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Email: Phone: 917-806-7384

The work Freddie Kluth has done with Dungeons and Dragons and the Dragon Ministries was written about in Dragon+ magazine. The article features his work with Vivian Kluth within the Unschooling community and the impactful healing magic that can happen through D&D in community.

Link to PDF of article here.

Freddie Kluth, for decades, and probably his whole life, has been studying to comprehend and reconnect to his childhood vision of becoming a priest. Over the years, he has come to realize that the essence of this predisposition is entwined in the innocent life force energy of creation. This is why he is has embodied the energy of play so well, both as a father, a healing minister and dungeon master.

Freddie has ample opportunity to help guide and apply his growing spiritual and technical knowledge as communicator, artist, writer and producer on a daily basis. The world is his teacher just as much as it is for the children he shares his life with. He believes wholeheartedly in the rich potential of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine and the need for all people to birth and connect to their own true power from within.

Freddie lives in New Jersey with his two daughters and his lovely wife. He likes to paint, write and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Over the past year few years Freddie Kluth has been publishing his writing on and

Freddie Kluth also offers services for individuals, partners and groups including remote healing sessions for individuals and retreats for groups and businesses.

Book a private session here, or email to inquire about couples counseling, life coaching and/or improving communication and processes in the corporate environment.