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No. More. Arguments! How To Resolve Conflict In A Peaceful Way

with Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta (1:05 min)

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Learn how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way that strengthens relationships.

In this class, you will learn how to resolve conflicts and disagreements with friends and family using authentic dialogue. In an authentic dialogue, people listen deeply in order to understand one another better and search for win-win solutions.

You will learn:

1. The difference between an authentic dialogue, a discussion, and a debate.

2. The three foundational skills of authentic dialogue.

  • Empathetic listening
  • Empathetic questioning
  • Tolerance

3. How to initiate and engage in an authentic dialogue to resolve a conflict.

Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta will facilitate a discussion using a slide show presentation for students to follow along with while asking and answering questions throughout the presentation to ensure comprehension and keep the class engaging.

This class also includes a pop-up quiz game called "No. More. Arguments. The Game" where Dr. Sundiata will give the students a conflict scenario and ask them to identify if it's an authentic dialogue, a debate, or a discussion.


Father. Friend. Realtor®. Anti-Oppression Activist. Self-Directed Education Organizer. Podcaster. Systems Thinker. Authentic Dialogue Facilitator.

Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta is the co-creator of GROW, a network of people and initiatives designed to promote and create social, economic, and political systems centered on Liberation, Social & Environmental Sustainability, and Unconditional Love.

He is extremely passionate about helping people discover the power of Authentic Dialogue, a communication framework that leverages complex issues in personal relationships and organizations to help them generate solutions that foster deeper understanding, cohesiveness, freedom, and trust.

Dr. Sundiata is also the host of the Theory of Indivisibility Podcast which analyzes the evolutionary origins, current complexities, and future of our social, economic, and political systems.

Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta (Formerly Scott Speed)

Pronouns: He/Him Sundiata/Sundiata's


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GROW Dialogue

- Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Thriving Culture Specialist.

Theory of Indivisibility Podcast

- A podcast that analyzes the evolutionary origins, current complexities, and how my theory of indivisibility applies to our social, economic, and political systems.