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The Beauty of Creating Family Circles

with Sabrina Norrie, Heather Natoli and John Natoli, founders of MyCorr Life (37 min)

We ask that any donations for this presentation be sent to the Legal Defense Fund to support the fight for racial justice.


Family circles are an invitation for families to gather together intentionally and share thoughts, activities and meditations in a way that is fun and engaging for everyone.

In this video you will understand the magic that can happen when we begin to make room in our lives for this intentional space with our loved ones. Each panelist offers their experience, valuable insight and practical tips to get you started.


MyCorr Life provides monthly family circle guides and resources to help families grow closer and stronger together. Each month families receive a themed digital packet outlining a family circle complete with thought-starters, readings, songs, activity and craft instructions, movements and opening and closing affirmations.

Sabrina Norrie, Heather Natoli & John Natoli, MyCorr Life founders, are homeschooling parents empowering families to sink in to play & connect deeply while drawing connections between the natural world and ourselves.

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