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Joyful Painting for Fun!

with Tamara Button (24 min)

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Join homeschooling mother/artist/visionary on a fun creative adventure. Sit back, relax and watch the presentation or participate live with your painting materials ready to create!

Here are the supplies suggested:

*Painting surface (gold or silver card stock would be amazing, otherwise, something paint will glide on will work, including glass)


*Paint pen in gold or silver ( I like Prime-Premio)

* Paint (I use acrylic, Liquitex basics brand)

- deep magenta, light pink, Medium pink

- dark purple, blue, lime green, teal

- orange, yellow

*pallet or surface for paint

*cloth to wipe paint on (an old rag works well)

*a piece of practice paper

*blow dryer

These are just suggestions, but it will work best to have some darker colors, and some lighter. For your convenience, if you don't have these materials on hand and would rather not go to the store, you can order materials through Tamara's website below by Monday, May 25.


Tamara Button

Since I can remember creating has be a passion. Thankfully exploring art was supported in my childhood, and I delved into art. After winning many accolades through middle and high school for my pieces, I chose to study art in college, earning a BA in Fine Art, Photography and Sociology.

During those college years I took the opportunity of a lifetime, to teach art at a local alternative school for teens. Since then, sharing my love of creating with others has only grown. No matter the setting, or participants space in life, one thing always stays the same, creating unifies the soul of the creator, and those in the room with their creation.