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Love's Alchemy: Love's Language Is Boundless

with Rah Nomvula (29 min)

This was originally intended to be a live presentation with a Q&A. However, Rah lives in South Africa where her wifi has been unreliable lately and there were many technical difficulties to overcome. Rah Nomvula welcomes you to reach out to her to followup with any questions. We are grateful to finally be able to complete the video file transfers in order to share this with you.

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Connect with your ancestors and your gratitude with this 7-minute guided meditation, and then Rah Nomvula will share her incredible story of building relationships with her tri-racial ancestors and her family after she made the unorthodox decision to leave her muslim community and take off all her scarves.


Rah - Nomvula is a South African Mother and Womb Water Medicine Woman. She was initiated into the feminine mysteries of her lineages. She is Founder of Divine Lotus and Author of ‘Cutting My Flower’.

Rah was first initiated into this work by her own yoni (vagina) healing. As her journey unfolded, many layers of trauma rose like the Lotus flower from the murky waters of life. Her ancestors called her awareness into the ancestral, sexual, intergenerational, racial and social trauma within her lineages. And with their support, she became a student of trauma & of the healing medicines for this trauma - not only for herself but for her ancestors, her children and for the next generation.

Rah’s work focuses on the relationship between the inner waters - our emotions and memories and the outer waters - all bodies of water as sacred

Her tri-racial ancestry, Bushmen, Muslim and Irish- allows her to be a bridge between the races, the ancestral, the traditional and the emerging.

She is called to work throughout the world in the field of women’s health, which emcompasses trauma, shadow work, sexuality, fgm female genital mutilation), reproductive rights, nutrition and movement.

She is trained in indigenous spirituality with local and international Elders. These include water ceremonies with Sanusi Credo Mutwa and Virginia Mutwa, Earth Medicine with Native Americal Elder John Twobirds, Vision Quests in Clanwilliam and USA, Studies in herbal medicine with The School of Herbology, Movement Medicine with The School of Movement Medicine, Womb Awakening and Teacher Training with Dr Azra Bertrand and his wife Seren Bertrand. Water Medicine with International Peacemaker and Water Medicine man Mandaza Kandemwa.

Rah - Nomvula is gatekeeper for the ancient feminine mysteries of her lineages and she has taken a vow to serve only Love.

Rah expresses her service to love in many ways. Through her ongoing support for her Elders as well as through participation in a social feeding scheme.

Now more than ever, we need to invite love in, so it may teach us how to reach out to our family members, to one another and to our broader communities so we may all give birth to a new earth.

Rah - Nomvula


Whatsapp: +27721786179

Here's what Rah has to say about the subject of this video:

"I grew up in a family where the kind of love expressed was conditional. I had to be a good girl. I had to be a good muslim girl. With a mother who comes from a hunter gatherer heritage and who embraced Islam through marriage to my father. In doing do my mother distanced herself from her blood family and her precious life. My bushmen heritage could not find expression in my family as it was. I loved the muslim rituals and celebrations, and being part of such a deeply sacred community … but the unspoken trauma’s in this field caused many fractures in my psyche. I longed to enter the sacred through love and not through duty nor through the goal of reaching heaven. Through prayer, I began to connect with a benevolent feminine energy that I did not experience in the larger spiritual context at the time. This connection led me to hear the call from my ancestors. A call to communicate with them and to build a healthy relationship with them.

Throughout it all love spoke to me. Love spoke as I left my muslim community and embraced a new way of life. It told me not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It called me to sing Arabic song to my children despite no longer living in the muslim field. My ancestors continued to remind me of the spices that we all love so much and the need for me to ensure that I still cook the food that feeds my soul. Love kept informing me about its many expressions and its many faces. And gave me the courage to stay true to myself without severing myself completely from my blood family despite us all facing many challenges in upholding our relationships.

I grew up in an impoverished community in the western cape. As we, the children, grew up, our parents began to devote their time and lives in service to their community. My father founded a feeding scheme in their impoverished community out of love for his community and his Maker. It is through their expression of love in this way that I became involved in a feeding scheme in the impoverished community of Westlake near my home. Food is our basic way of being nourished. My muslim heritage is imbued with the love of food. Serving food as an expression of love and of service to love has become an integral part of my life.

Love is the bridge that connects each living thing. Through opening our hearts to love we are able to heal all separation, and all wounds."