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From Within, Medicine: Embodiment for Holistic Harmonic co-Evolution

with Dhyana Kluth (35 min)

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Journey into the Womb of the Earth to learn more about the gifts you were born to share right now, to help heal our planet in this time of pause and Great Awakening.

MEDICINE THE EARTH NEEDS NOW: Embodiment for Holistic Harmonic co-Evolution


Connect to the multi-dimensional realms through the portal of your sacred temple-body and receive Mother Earth healing messages from the divine within you. Joyspring Vision Keeper, womb shaman Reverend Priestess Dhyana Kluth Woman Who Runs With Song, offers a brief introduction and an experience to access your extra-sensory perceptive abilities. What medicine do you have to share with the earth now? Take this shamanic dreamtime journey into the Womb of Gaia to find out what you need to know now about the gifts you were born to share right now, to help heal Earth in this time of Great Awakening change.

This event was hosted by Touch Mother Earth NJ non-profit as part of Earth Day 50th Year Virtual Festival – Like a Garden We Grow
BEAUTIFUL ART CREDIT: Daria Hlazatova - Spark II
BEAUTIFUL MUSIC CREDITS: Deep Theta 2.0 (Pt 13) by Steven Halpern and Jorge Alfano Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent - Original Mix by Deya Dova Temple of Silence by Deuter


Dhyana Kluth is dedicated to clearing space for joy and gently dissolving the myriad filters inhabiting the spaces between our conditional perceptions and the vast great mysteries of the unseen multidimentional realms of unconditional love.

Reverend Dhyana Jalande Kluth, Woman Who Runs With Song, has all her life been in love with the natural world, and joyfully uplifted by embodied movement, psycho-spiritual training and shamanic animistic mindful way of life.

Dhyana is a lover of life committed to tending the garden of this sacred earth; dedicated to living in joy, and doing the work to be present - for self and other, family, friends and community - to nurture all relationships.

Mindfully tracking the inner intuitive threads, she follows the guidance of her biological indigenous Celtic, Filpino, African, and South/Central/North American ancestors as well as the non-biological ancestors calling her to receive and share the medicine of her Respected Teachers.

Through her life journey, Dhyana Kluth has become a Helix Healing Minister, Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Awakening Mentor-Teacher-Priestess, trained in Jungian Depth Psychology, Analysis and Dreamwork, Buddhist Psychology and Meditation, Core Wound and Energy Healing (laying on hands), Sound Resonance Healing, Womb Awakening, Mayan, Toltec, Inca and North American Medicine Way shamanic traditions and basic Herbalism. Yet still after 49 years of life experience and over 20 years of professional healing work and continual training, Dhyana embraces the ongoing path of a perpetual learner living an evolutionary life centered in the soul-remembering and soul-purpose.

Reverend Kluth lives in Bloomfield, New Jersey with her beloved and two unschooled daughters. Her primary ministry is to serve her family and she strives to do her best as a mother, repeatedly decolonizing her mind to dissolve the mechanized programming of patriarchal control, to free herself in order to raise free children. In her spare creative time, Dhyana paints and develops her knowledge of gardening and lovingly prepares herbal medicine to support the healing process of liberation for herself, her family and community.

Dhyana Kluth offers services for individuals, partners and groups including couples counseling, life coaching, womb healing, past life regression & soul retrieval, intuitive guided shamanic drum journeys, womb oracle journeys and womb awakening mentoring.

Healing sessions with Dhyana consist of gentle nurturing communication and the deepening of trust to re-connect to self, ancestral and spiritual lineages. She will help guide you on your healing journey to liberate and embody your authentic soul, to continually embrace your most joyful purpose with mindfulness awareness.

Over the past year few years Dhyana Kluth has been publishing her writing on her Womb Awakening Words from the Well and Dhyana Healing Updates and more recently active in creating videos to share her knowledge and personal journey in service of healing the planet:

Dhyana Jalande Kluth

Woman Who Runs With Song

Psychospiritual Therapist, Helix Healing Minister, Intuitive Artist and JoySpring Facilitator
Facebook: @dhyana.kluth @joyspringspirit