28th March 2017

So far this season there has been very little activity regarding the fishing, those who have ventured out have landed the odd Finnock, a few Finnock have been hooked and lost. Victor Kapoor landed a well mended Kelt over 14lbs and lost another one at the beginning of the month.

Work is ongoing on the banks of the Tarves water, from the Tangland bridge down. We have managed to clear the weeds from the banks of 9 pools. There is still a great deal of work to be done regarding the bank weeds. If any member has a few spare hours and would like some exercise, your help would be appreciated, a scythe or grape is the ideal tool to remove bank weeds from the water. All weeds should be pulled on to the bank and not allowed to float downstream. We intend to have a work day on the banks once the river levels are lower, we will advise you of the date nearer the time and hopefully we can count on your assistance.

Next month we intend having our first Rainbow Trout competition of the year, once we have all the information from George Donald we will be in touch.

We still have several Season permits available, if you know of any fisher who would be interested in purchasing a permit, please advise them to e-mail me at sandymarlyn@zoho.com or phone 07532457291 or Mike Stewart on 01651 806698, season and day permits can also be purchased from Cost Cutters in Methlick.

The car parking areas at the edge of the roads are being used by van drivers to have driving breaks, unfortunately they are discarding their litter in the parking areas, the club members will be the first to get the blame for the discarded litter, to keep the club in the clear, please take home your litter or dispose of it in the bin at Gurgedykes car park.

If you have any information regarding fish catches or news regarding the river, club etc. Please send it to sandymarlyn@zoho.com

Sandy Collie.