13th July 2017

Alec Paterson of the River Ythan Trust requires help from some of our members to assist with collecting scale samples from Salmon and Sea Trout caught on the Ythan. We assisted Alex a few years ago, unfortunately anglers taking part lost interest. We require names of members who will be willing to participate and be dedicated to the task. If you wish to take part please advise me by e-mail or phone 01651 806693 or 07532457291 and I will forward your details to Alec so he can organise the envelopes.


Scale Sampling Procedure

Here is a simple procedure to illustrate the process. It’s important to follow the procedure below to ensure that the most suitable scales are collected, that their condition is maintained and minimal impacts are made to the fish sampled.

1. Collect scales (8-10) from the preferred area illustrated below, if this side is damaged then collect scales from the opposite flank or just in front of this location.

2. The scales can be collected by plucking or scraping a small number of scales from the area indicated using a penknife or plastic knife. The scales can then be transferred to a scale envelope or alternatively folded in a piece of clean paper and left to dry.

Examples of scales being removed from fish to be returned.

3. Alongside the scale sample, information such as the species, sex, (if known) weight, (estimate if returned) length from nose to fork of tail, (estimate if returned) date, location and any other remarks such as condition or coloration. If anglers name is provided, feedback on the scale reading results will be provided where possible.

4. The samples can be posted or handed to the Trust Secretary (address below).

Salmon and sea trout scales are required, also it is not necessary to kill the fish in order to take scale samples, the fish can be released without harm if handled carefully during this procedure. Scale sample envelopes can be provided on request via the Secretary.


River Ythan Trust

12 Balmoral Wynd


AB41 9GT

01358 722335

Regarding the Armadale Tagging Project, acoustic receivers have now been installed, the first receiver is positioned at the Esslemont viaduct, the second at Boatie tams.

The river banks from the Ythanbank bridge down to the end of the water have now been cut, strimming is still required especially between the waterings on the Tarves beat and Ythanbank bridge.