Haddo House Angling Club


This permit is issued subject to the holder adhering to the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003; the Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Regulations 2016; the conditions regulating the Club’s fishings on the river Ythan; and any subsequent amendments.

NO SUNDAY FISHING Not transferrable

Conditions regulating the Club’s fishings on the River Ythan

Seasons: Salmon & Sea Trout 11th February to 31st October

Trout 15th March to 6th October

  1. By Law, every fisher must CARRY a current Permit, purchased before fishing, and produce it for inspection at the request of a Water Bailiff, River Watcher or person authorised by the Club.

  2. ALL Salmon, Finnock and Sea Trout must be carefully returned to the river, with the exception that TWO Sea Trout may be kept PER SEASON, but no more than ONE on any calendar day.

NOTE: The killing of Atlantic salmon caught in HHAC waters is an offence punishable by law.

  1. All Sea Trout caught after the 30th September must be carefully returned to the river.

  2. Any migratory fish shorter in length than 325 mm (13 inches) must be carefully returned to the river. Brown trout (254 mm) 10 inches

  3. Only one treble or double de-barbed hook per spinning lure is allowed.

  4. Only single or double de-barbed hooks when fly fishing for Salmon or Sea Trout.

  5. Worming only in high water, during September and October.

  6. The use of artificial prawns, natural prawns, or live minnow is prohibited.

  7. Careful handling of fish is mandatory: no lifting by tail or gills.

  8. Only knotless landing nets may be used to land fish. Gaffs or tailers shall not be carried.

  9. Fishers shall keep to fish paths. No dogs allowed.

  10. No litter or fishing tackle is to be left on the banks, huts or discarded in the river.

  11. Please take your rubbish home for responsible disposal.

  12. Fishers should fish progressively through the pools, and no fisher shall cut in within 50 yards downstream of another fisher.

  13. All fishers should submit catch returns within 24 hours of fishing, via HHAC website: www.HaddoHouseAnglingClub.com, or by telephone to 07532 457291.