Ythan Fish

98% of the fish shown below were returned carefully to the river 2017. Remember we depend on these fish for our future fishing.

2018 all salmon, grilse and Finnock must be returned to the water, dead or alive. NO EXCEPTIONS 2 sea trout can be kept per angler per season, only 1 sea trout per day. 3 videos on catch and release

Tarves 12lb Salmon Sept 2017

Tarves 10lb hen fish Sept 2017

Tarves 7lb cock fish Sept 2017

Tarves 6lb cock fish Sept 2017

Tarves 2lb 8oz sea trout

Aug 2017

Tarves 14lb Salmon Sept 2017

Methlick Gurgesdyke 6lb Sept 2017

Methlick 15lb landed at the Rocks pool Oct 2017

Methlick Gavins Grilse from Kelly Oct 2017

Methlick Greg's fish from the Mill Stream Oct 2017

Gight James 6lb fish from Bay Pot Oct 2017

Tarves Mike's 17 pounder from Eddy's Eddy Oct 2017

Tarves 6lb fish from Schivas Oct 2017

Tarves Dave's 12 pounder Oct 2017

Tarves Andy's 12 lb Salmon Oct 17

Tarves Duncan's 6 lb Salmon Sept 17

Tarves 6lb October 2017

Tarves Nicky's 17 lb Salmon Oct 17

Tarves 16lb cock Salmon Oct 17

Methlick 9 lb Salmon Sept 17

Tarves Grilse Oct 17

Tarves Salmon Oct 17

Sandy's 10 lb Salmon Tarves beat October 2018