Ythan Flies

Flies of the River Ythan

Seatrout normally begin to run the river towards the end of May, usually bringing some of the best fish. Some in the 4 to 8 lb bracket.

Thundery weather resulting in heavy downpours, works in the Seatrout anglers favour. When a rise in water levels occurs, and it only needs to be a few inches, fish will run. They are fresh, and good takers. A little tinge of colour in the water also works in the angler’s favour. In these conditions, daytime fishing can be very good. Wee doubles are the order of the day, in sizes 10 down to 14. Although some anglers prefer small tube flies. Floating lines will suffice. Using an intermediate Poly Leader of 5 to 8 feet will help presentation, and prevent fly’s skating, Good daytime flies in these conditions include the Dunkeld, Methlick Monkey and Silver Stoats Tail. Once the fish have run, expect fish to be distributed throughout all 3 beats.

Methlick Money

Silver Stoats Tail

Night time fishing can be very good, but requires stealth. You will find ample undisturbed water to fish. If you are unfamiliar with the water walk it the day before and not immediately before you fish. Good night time flies include, The Stoats Tail, Arnadilly Fancy, Tarves Terror and Watsons Fancy. Seatrout can often lie in sluggish water, don't ignore such water. Careful hand lining or figure of eight can swim the flies attractively. When you start to see the bats swooping along the river, this is the time to expect a take.

Arndily Fancy

Tarves Terror

A series of “thunder plumps”, and resulting mini spates can keep the fresh fish coming. A rise of 12 inches occurring in July, can practically empty the Estuary.

Salmon start coming in during September, with a few running earlier with water. The bulk of the fish tend to run in October.

The river often gets big spates in October, bringing in huge runs of Salmon and Grilse. Most seasons produce fish in the high teens in weight.

In high water, with a bit of colour in it, fish tube flies such as, Black or Red Frances, or Snaeldas with Stripped Quill Feelers. The fish follow, and rub their noses on the feelers. If they tickle their fancy, the takes can be explosive. In high water fish bearing sea lice can be caught up as far as Gight Castle, and beyond, where they settle into the deep holding pools in this area.

As the water starts to drop and clear try a Cascade in one of its guises. When it drops and clears further, Irish Type Shrimp flies can be good. There translucent properties are very attractive to the fish, and their G.P. Fibres pulsate in a life-like manner in even the gentlest of currents. Try the Pythan Shrimp, Currys Red or the Gurge Green.

Pythan Shrimp

Gurge Green

Munro Killer

When the water clears and drops to about 12 – 18 inches, a Munro Killer or StoatsTail.


Stoats Tail

The Ythan is rightly famed for its late running fresh silver beauties.