Gight Upper section

This beat has double bank fishing from the end of the Fetterletter beat down to Gight castle, after Gight castle the fishing is on the south bank only down to the Waterloo bridge.

This stretch of water fishes best in high water conditions, usually during September and October. This section of the river consists mainly of deep holding pools and is best fished using spinning equipment. Worming only during September and October in high water. Parking is available at Waterloo bridge or Braes of Gight car park, unfortunately there is a bit of a walk to get to the river from the Braes of Gight car park, but you do get immediate access to some of the main pools.

Methlick, - South Bank only

This beat on the middle Ythan starts at Waterloo bridge and stretches downtream on the south bank to Tanglandford bridge. For access to the upper part of the fishing, car parking is at the small parking areas either side of Waterloo bridge. Parking for the Methlick village section is behind the village church and at Gurgesdyke car park, lower section can be accessed at the Laundry, Kelly and Tangland bridge parking areas.

The Methlick section of the river, has a mixture of fast water and deep pools, giving the angler a choice of fly or spinning, worming is only permitted during September and October in high water.

Tarves - South Bank only

This is Haddo estate private water which stretches downstream on the south bank approximately 3900m from Tanglandford bridge to the sign post at the end of the beat. This section also has a variety of deep holding spinning pools and excellent fly fishing stretches, worming is only permitted September and October in high water conditions.

Car parking is available at Tanglandford bridge, at cut out sections on the main road, at Ythanbank bridge and the farm road running parallel to the south bank of the river

Beat map: Gight Methlick Tarves


2017 returns 43 Salmon 73 Sea Trout 109 Finnock


The time of year – February to early April, then from mid- May onwards.

Remember- following heavy rain the Ythan can often be fishable when it is impossible to fish on other rivers.


Fly-fishing, spinning. Worming only during September and October in high water.

Fly-fishing for Finnock can be very productive in early spring, although the water is cold the finnock are active. remember all Finnock caught must be carefully returned to the river.

All salmon and sea trout kelts must be carefully released and returned.

From May to October, fly-fishing the streamy runs from below the Waterloo Bridge, downstream to the bottom of the Tarves beat can be satisfying, and is best in a falling and clearing water.

A 10 foot rod is all that is required, coupled with a floating line and 6 or 8lb cast. Suitable flies include (size 14 or 12) Fly fishing for Salmon requires a stronger cast of 10lbs or more.

Suitable flies include (size 14 or 12) See Fly section for Salmon flies.

• Cinnamon and Gold

• Black Pennel

• Butcher

• Silver Stoats Tail

• Pythan Shrimp

From the 30th September to the end of season sea trout will be coloured and must be returned, any coloured sea trout caught prior to October we recommend they are returned carefully to the river.

Silver Finnock, however, can be in evidence until the end of the season, they must be carefully returned to the river.


At the start of the season on the 11 February the beat normally holds over -wintered finnock, sea trout kelts and salmon kelts.

These sometimes remain in this part of the river until the end of March/early April.

Small numbers of clean sea trout can arrive in the beat as early as mid May following raised water levels, more generally, however, they are later, following substantial spates in August and September.

Suitable debarbed lures include

· The Flying C especially in coloured water.

· Rapala floating or sinking, single treble hook only

· Devon minnow.

Salmon runs are normally straight in from the sea, appearing in the Methlick and Tarves pools approximately 6 hours after high tide. During really high water the larger fish tend to head straight up to the Gight pools, stopping at Methlick and Tarves pools for a short rest.

All salmon, Finnock and foul hooked fish should be released carefully back to the river.

Parking & Shelters

The 3 beats have several parking areas, 4 for Gight , 12 for Methlick and 6 for Tarves, the Methlick beat has 3 shelters, Gurgedyke, Laundry and Kelly.