27th June 2017

Last week Mike Stewart and I attended a meeting of the Ythan Fishery Board.

We were informed along with ADAA that the bailiffs will be carrying out regular checks on anglers fishing the Ythan. There are 3 main bailiffs, Jim Kerr, Martin Webster and Stephen Murphy, they also have back up of another 4-part time bailiffs.

The board also informed us that we must carry our permits when fishing, it is illegal to fish without having a permit in your possession.

We were advised to pass this information on to members, should you approach a fisher who is not in possession of a permit, or you see anything suspicious happening, do not get involved. There is a dedicated 24 hour 7 days a week phone number 01467 642121 call this number, if you can supply a car registration number it would be a benefit to the bailiffs, the bailiffs work closely with the police and can take urgent action.

Remember not everybody out there are like our club members, if they are fishing illegally they will not think twice about turning against you.

On a brighter subject, rain due this week, hopefully a rise in water will entice some nice hard fighting Sea Trout into our waters.