25th June 2017

A big thanks to all members who took part in the work party this morning, also to the other members who have helped with the maintenance of the banks, shelters, seat etc.

A real big thanks to Jim Addie for supplying the material and delivering the materials to the different beats. Jim has also cut the grass twice this year from Gight to half way down the Tarves water, thanks also to Mike Stewart for cutting from waterloo bridge to Methlick bridge.

The following work detailed below has been completed, bank maintenance in the form of strimming and removing weeds from the water’s edge is still on going. Please feel free if you have any spare time to do a bit of strimming or weed control especially on the Tarves beat. I would be grateful if you do any work to drop me an e-mail advising me what and where the work has been carried out for our records.

  • New walkway over burn/field drain fitted upper Methlick water.
  • 3 new styles with barbed wire protection erected in the Tarves water.
  • 3 shelters on the Methlick water painted.
  • New rod rests at the 3 shelters.
  • New car park formed lower section Tarves water.
  • Tree removed from water in lower Tarves section.
  • Bank repaired lower section Tarves water.
  • Seat at the boat pool repositioned away from water and repaired.
  • Obstructions from casting at the laundry pool removed.
  • New steps from the laundry car park will be completed this week.
  • Bank repaired at the minister’s pot.
  • Some field drains renewed at Gight.

We still have a lot of work to do. Jim Addie requires help at Gight with repairs, the Methlick and Tarves waters still have a fair bit of strimming required. We will be having another work party once Jim Addie returns from holiday. I will advise you all the date asap, hopefully you will be able to help.

Thanks again!

Sandy Collie