Tryout Standards


We will hold our seasonal tryouts on Tuesday, August 6th. You MUST be present to tryout. Failure to show may result in not running this fall. If you are going to be absent on August 6th, you must notify Dr. Gilchrist NO LATER THAN August 3rd, AND HAVE IT EXCUSED. (ie: Family Vacation may be excused; work schedule will not be excused). In the event of an excused absence, make-up tryouts will be held on Friday, August 9th.

The tryouts will be held on our two-mile course at Burke Lake. The tryout standards are as follows:

Boys: Freshman - 15:00; (first year) Sophomores- 14:30; Upperclassmen: 14:00

Girls: Freshman- 17:00; (first year) Sophomores- 16:30; Upperclassmen: 16:00

Athletes who come within ONE MINUTE (1:00) of the standards on August 6th, but do not meet the standard, will be placed in a probationary period. They must meet the standard by a second time trial on Friday, August 23rd. Any athlete who does not meet the standard by this date will not be on the team.

Freshmen who go through the tryout process, and finish within ONE MINUTE (1:00) will be kept on the team, providing they fulfill all other practice/team expectations. They will still be placed on a probationary period, however, until the standard is met. In this time, they will not be permitted to compete in any races (scrimmage or regular season), so that they may demonstrate a minimal level of fitness which would suggest that they may be "race-ready".

Athletes who are on probation will not go to camp, in lieu of someone who has already made the team.

NOTE: Within the coach’s discretion, a veterans/upperclassman "probationary period" may be extended, if it the time is not met due to injury or illness, rather than a pure lack of fitness. Such medical issues may require documentation by the doctor as requested.


Athletes will be required to try out in three "consecutive" events (ie: 100m & 200m & 400m or 400m, 800m & 1600m), according to the group they intend to train/compete in (distance vs. sprints). In order to make the team, they must achieve the following performance standards in at least the events. Freshmen must meet the standard in at least one event. The tryouts will take place on three days: Day One- 100m, 800m; Day Two: 1600m & 200m; and Wednesday - 400m Dash (everyone). Any pre-excused makeups will be held on Thursday, or re-runs if qualifying times have not yet been met. All times listed are hand-timed.




100m Dash

Winter / Spring

14.5 / 14.0

17.0 / 16.5

200m Dash

Winter / Spring

29.5 / 28.5

36.0 / 35.0

400m Dash

Winter / Spring

65.0 / 63.0

82.0 / 80.0

800m Run

Winter / Spring

2:50.0 / 2:45.0

3:28.0 / 3:23.0

1600m Run

Winter / Spring

6:15.0 / 6:05.0

7:15.0 / 7:05.0

For those athletes who are planning on being shot-putters, you will be having a try out. It will involve a throws test and a weight test, following a few days of learning proper technique. There will be more information for throwers in the lead-up to tryouts.