XBC Memorial Scholarship

XB IV (Boone) Cox Memorial Scholarship

Since 2007, Mr. & Mrs. XB III and Kelly Cox have sponsored a scholarship, in memory of their son, XB Cox IV (1986-2006). This award has been announced and presented at a scholarship before the afternoon session of each invitational, since 2007. The Qualifications of this award are listed below. 

Recipients of this award have included:

Selection Criteria for the X B Cox, IV Memorial Scholarship Award:

Whereas this scholarship award is made in memory of X B Cox, IV (Boone), we recommend it be given to a student who reflects Boone's character, personality and dedication to the sports of Track & Field and Cross-Country. The winner of this scholarship need not necessarily be the fastest runner or the most popular athlete, but he/she should meet the following criteria:

1) Be a graduating senior in good academic standing at Chantilly High School, and planning to attend an accredited institution of higher learning.

2) Has shown dedication to the sports of Track & Field and Cross Country by participating in at least seven (7) out of a possible twelve (12) seasons of Cross Country, Indoor Track & Field, and Outdoor Track & Field during their four (4) years of high school.

3) Exhibited outstanding personal character, having conducted themselves with integrity, and demonstrated respect for themselves, their coaches and their teammates. 

4) Demonstrated exceptional teamwork, by supporting their teammates, mentoring underclassmen, and cheering the accomplishments of all student-athletes regardless of class or skill level. 

5) Exhibited a sense of fun and good humor, by enjoying life and sharing the gift of laughter with teammates and coaches in a constructive and wholesome manner.

Financial need is not a requirement for this award, however it is an additional consideration that may use to select between qualified candidates.

The Scholarship Fund Decision Board: The Decision Board shall consist of the Head Track & Field Coach at Chantilly High School, along with two additional coaches involved in Track & Field or Cross Country at Chantilly High School during the school year. 

Award Selection Process: In the Spring semester of each academic year, the Decision Board will compile a list of eligible candidates for this award (graduating seniors in good academic standing with 7 or more seasons participating in Track & Field and Cross Country, thereby meeting criteria 1 and 2 above). The list of candidates, along with the list of selection criteria, shall be presented to the athletes participating in the Outdoor Track & Field program. The athletes shall vote on their preferred candidate, each athlete getting one vote, and all votes being by secret (written) ballot. The top three athletes receiving the most votes shall be considered the Finalists for this scholarship. In the event that two or more athletes tie for third place, they shall all be considered Finalists. 

The Decision Board will then choose the scholarship award winner from among the Finalists, considering how well each Finalist meets the intent of the selection criteria. It is the Donors’ hope that the winning candidate and the team will be notified at the annual XBC Track Classic track meet. If circumstances prevent this from happening, notification will be no later than the end of the Spring academic semester.

Amount of the Scholarship Award: The amount of the scholarship award will be set each year. The typical amount is expected to be one-thousand dollars ($1,000) but may vary at the discretion of the Donor and depending on the amount of money available in the scholarship fund. The award is to be sent directly to the winner’s college/university by the Cox Family.

Changes to Selection Process: The Foundation, in discussion with the Decision Board, shall have the right to modify the selection process if needed to improve efficiency or to improve the quality of the selection. Any changes to the selection process should not compromise the intent of the selection criteria.