Hall of Fame Eligible

Hall of Fame Qualifiers

The folllowing Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field Alumni have met the requisite minimum 30 points, based predominantly upon district, regional and state meet performances. Points may also be earned for other acheivements, such as All-Met recognition, school,district,regional, or state records.

Please note that the list below is incomplete, with mainly individual and available relay placings, due to limited records available for complete relay teams. Anyone who has information regarding post-season relay squads, particularly prior to 2000, please contact Dr. Gilchrist at mtgilchrist@fcps.edu. In addition, we are equally happy to accept any other post-season results which may be missing, especially from the 1970's and early 1980s. We realize that certain athletes listed below may be under-represented without their relay points, and as such, we would very much like to fill in these holes in our research in the near future. For the purpose of nomination, any such athletes who are not otherwise eligible based on individual results may still be nominated with a write-in vote, but inclusion on the list of (semi) finalists must be based upon confirmation of meeting the minimum 30 point standard.

(Additional relay points or individual points may be added in the future, with additional information/research).

Hall of Fame List- Complete ranking of All Hall of Fame members, Qualifying members, and active athletes.

Hall of Fame Points- Complete listing of ALL athletes who have scored Hall of Fame points, and breakdown of their points.

The following list represent those athletes who have met the 30 point threshold, and who have not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame. (Note: this includes those athletes who may be still active, or not yet eligible for induction, because they have not yet been graduated for 3 years)

Hall of Fame Eligible