The above listed standards are used for tryouts, qualifying to receive a letter, or compete at the district, regional, state or national meets. We can send three athletes to districts in each event, regardless of their performances. We can send more than three if everyone has met the standard. To compete at regionals, the top six in each district advance; to compete at the state meet, the top six in the region advance. Anyone who has met the automatic standard during the season automatically qualifies regardless of how they place at the district or regional meets.

For lettering purposes, anyone who meets a standard may letter, even if they do not participate at districts. This is also contingent upon meeting all other requirements, including attendance, sportsmanship, and participating in any fundraiser and attending the team dinner.Lastly, for lettering purposes, you qualify based upon your splits, not your team performance.


50 Yard Dash to 55 Meter Dash Add 1.0 seconds Add 09.seconds

50 Yard Hurdles to 55 Meter Hurdles Add 1.2 seconds Add 1.1 seconds

300 Yard, 500 Yard, 1000 Yard to 300M, 500M, 1000M Multiply by 1.0936 Multiply by 1.0936

600 Yards to 500 Meters Divide by 1.0936 Divide by 1.0936

1500M, 3000M, to 1600M, 3200M Multiply by 1.0737 Multiply by 1.0737

Mile, 2 mile to 1600M, 3200M Divide by 1.0058 Divide by 1.0058

880 Yards, Mile, 2 Mile Rel to 800M, 1600M, 3200M Rel Multiply by 0.9942 Multiply by 0.9942

Note: Add 0.24 seconds to all hand times to convert to FAT

When converting hand times for non-standard events, add 0.24 seconds before using multiplier/divisor