curling school

Curling School is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to curl, or is relatively new to curling and would like to improve his or her curling skills. Curling School is gratis for all adult members. Nonmembers may enroll for $100. Each session, you will receive personal instruction in the classroom and/or on-ice from experienced instructors. Curling school is designed to help the new curler become more proficient and more competitive, but above all, to make curling more fun!

Lead instructors: Mitch Rubinovich (USCA Certified Level I Instructor), Karen Barnes

Meeting time: Sundays 10:00am, Oct 29, Nov 5, Dec 3, 10

What to bring:  Wear warm, loose-fitting clothes. Bring a pair of athletic shoes (sneakers or tennis shoes) with clean soles or a pair of curling shoes (see below). Brushes will be provided, or can be purchased. A limited number of grippers and sliders can be provided by the club.

What to purchase: It is highly recommended that each student purchase two grippers and either a slip-on slider or a gripper-slider. Club members are encouraged to purchase a pair of curling shoes as soon as possible. It is easier to learn to curl with a slider or curling shoes. (Consult with an instructor before purchasing shoes.) For the session on interval timing and for club competition, you may want to consider purchasing an inexpensive stopwatch.

Eligibility & Fees: Curling School is open to adult (age 21 and up) members of the Utica Curling Club at no charge. Adult non-members may register for $100 at the first meeting.

Signup: Curling School is currently full for Fall 2023