Mary Clark Mixed

Originally a women's competition for a trophy donated by Mary Clark, then a women's ladder league, in 2012 the Glengarries opened the league to men.

  • When: first half, Tuesday 10:00 am

  • Chair: Meredith Hobika, Barb Felice

  • Teams and Schedule

  • Sub Group

  • Rules

Previous Winners

  • 2016: Peggy Rotton, Bruce Evans, Gary White, Susan Fountain

  • 2015: Colleen Welch, Mark Taylor, Clare Bareiss, Rebecca Kick*

  • 2014: Peggy Rotton, Mark Taylor, Tami Dunnigan

  • 2013: Judi Giovannone, Colleen Welch, Don Fellows, Madonna Fellows

* first year curler indicated when known