all american

Great league for new or returning curlers! Games are 8 ends. Sign up as an individual and get placed on a team. The All-American is an event held at different clubs all over the country and is sponsored by the United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA) with the goal  of encouraging all women curlers, especially newer curlers, to engage in the sport of curling. Please contact with any questions. 

Current Standings

All American Fall 2023

Current Champions

2023 Champions:  Karen Barnes, Michelle MacEnroe, Jasminka Husic, Eva Stone

Previous Winners

Previous winners of the Bonnie Piper (2015-2016)
(from 2015-2016, the Bonnie Piper replaced the All American)

Previous winners of the All-American (2011-2014)
(from 2011-2014, the All-American replaced the Bonnie Piper)

Prior to 2011, Monday night was the Bonnie Piper

* first year curler, indicated when known
** junior or college curler, indicated when known