all american

The All American is an event held all over the country and is sponsored by the USWCA. It is designed to encourage women curlers, especially newer curlers. Chair(s) create the teams; games are 8 ends.

  • When: First half, Monday, 5:45pm

  • Chair: Liz Kaido

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Current Standings

2019 All American Standings

Current Champions

2019 Champions: Kathy Palazzoli, Val Spencer, Cyndy Wydysh, Lisa Light

Previous Winners

  • 2019: Kathy Palazzoli, Val Spencer, Cyndy Wydysh, Lisa Light

  • 2018: Audrey Foote, Sarah Keen, Heather Dockstader, Lynn McLernon*

  • 2017: Susan Williams, Cindy Wydysh, Sarah Keen, Monica Costa*

Previous winners of the Bonnie Piper (2015-2016)
(from 2015-2016, the Bonnie Piper replaced the All American)

  • 2016: Michelle MacEnroe, Jan Rishel, Tami Dunnigan, Dawn Lazovik*

  • 2015: Brenda Citriniti, Knyoca Law, Vicki Sheardown, Toni Roskinski

Previous winners of the All-American (2011-2014)
(from 2011-2014, the All-American replaced the Bonnie Piper)

  • 2014: Cindy Brown, Brenda Citriniti, Becky Schewe, Tami Dunnigan

  • 2013: Cindy Brown, Carrie Casab, Knyoca Law, Frances Ciolino

  • 2012: Joyce Shaffer, Bryn Piersma, Brenda Citriniti, Dee Pfohl

  • 2011: Elizabeth Kaido, Audrey Foote, Brenda Citriniti, Diane Engel

Previous Bonnie Piper Winners (prior to 201)

  • 2010: Cindy Brown, Knyoca Law, Peggy Pratt, Jackie Strife

  • 2009: Laura Jacon, Melon Sofinski, Carrie Casab, Dawn Scherer

  • 2008: Susan Williams, Cindy Brown, Clare Bareiss, Liz Nolan

  • 2007: Susan Williams, Colleen Welch, Linda Kenney, Melissa Foote*

  • 2006: Melon Sofinski, Cheri Gaebel, Claire Bareiss, Sarah Hapanowicz*

  • 2005: Cindy Brown, Kathy Palazzoli, Lisa Magnarelli, Pat Milhalko*

  • 2004: Diane Higgins, Laura Jacon, Cheri Gaebel, Edie Savett

  • 2003: Kathy Palazzoli, Liz Williams, Kim Freeley, Cameo Voltz*

  • 2002: Sue Williams, Mary Sexton, Jeanne Galvin, Barb Mazzotta

  • 2001: Caitlin Costello, Marie Costello, Cindy Brown, Marty Jones

  • 2000: Caitlin Costello, Donna Evans, Barb Felice, Barb Kicinski

  • 1999: Cindy Brown, Pam Jones, Terri Flemma, Jane Mahoney

  • 1998: Caitlin Costello, Eydie Savett, Joyce Tencza, Pat Zumpano

  • 1997: Erlene Daley, Donna Evans, Joyce Tencza, Mary Hopsicker*

  • 1996: Chris Gleason, Eydie Savett, Marty Jones, Cindy Brown*

  • 1995: FIRE

  • 1994: Erlene Daley, June Balduf, Jacquelyn Schmidt, Lisa Firsching

  • 1993: Chris Gleason, Peggy Caneen, Deb Morehouse, Jane Mahoney

  • 1992: Diane Caine, Erlene Daley, Linda Whitney, Jeanne Galvin*

  • 1991: Colleen Welch, June Balduf, Betty Reilly, Eileen Christianson*

  • 1990: Martha Hoffman, Erin Clark, Michelle Whitney*

  • 1989: Ylva Cortright, Robbie Trosset, Mary Ann Knapp, Marj Moore*

  • 1988: Jean Zulak, Ginger Zillioux, Linda Rance, Colleen Welch

  • 1987: Diane Pirnie, Donna Yando, Fern Capstraw, Carol Scarlino*

  • 1986: Sharon Evans, Cindy Brown, Diane York, Jackie Hogan

  • 1981: Barbara Kogut, Flo Korrie, Kathy Howard, Mollie Provasnik

  • 1979: Mary Ruth Callan, Rosemary Diehl, Ruth Kuchler, Joyce Shaffer

* first year curler indicated when known