Tuesday daytime

A mixed league sponsored by the Glengarries with a pin donated by Joyce Shaffer. Teams organized by chair, category A and B women skips.

  • When: second half, Tuesday 9:45 am:

  • Chairs: Meredith Hobika, Barb Felice

  • Teams and Schedule

  • Sub Group

  • Rules

Current Champions

2020 Champions: Melon Sofinski (L -(sub for Bob Burnett), Gary Williams (2), Peggy Caneen (V), Mike Semeraro (S)

Previous Winners

  • 2020: Mike Semeraro, Peggy Caneen, Gary Williams, Bob Burnett

  • 2019: Dee Pfohl, Mike Semeraro, Liz Nolan, Dan Reed

  • 2018: Melon Sofinski, Gary Williams, Becky Kick, Ben Gaetano

  • 2017: Tami Dunnigan, Bruce Evans, Jacquelyn Schmidt, Ray Edic

  • 2016: Peggy Rotton, Fred Hicks, Colleen Welsh, Rebecca Kick

  • 2015: Sue Williams, Gary White, Clare Bareiss, Rebecca Kick*

  • 2014: Peggy Rotton, Mark Taylor, Tami Dunnigan*

  • 2013: Judi Giovannone, Mike Semararo, Marty Jones, Leslie Husted

  • 2012: Ylva Cortright, Les Cortright, Madonna Fellows, Don Fellows

* first year curler indicated when known