The Sims is the highest level of the men's skip ladder. Teams are constituted by draft according the men's rules. Substitutions must be selected from the same or lower grouping of the men's substitution groupings to be legal. See men's rules for details. The schedule followed is generally round robin format.

  • When: second half, Wednesdays, 8:00 pm

  • Chair: Erich Krumme

Current Standings

2022 Sims

Current Champions

2022 Champions: Mike Kessler, Justin Schmidt, Tim Crofton, Tim Hansen

Previous Winners

  • 2022: Mike Kessler, Justin Schmidt, Tim Crofton, Tim Hansen

  • 2021: closed

  • 2020: Mike Kessler, Howie Feldman, George Brown, Jerry Archambault

  • 2019: Jason Brien, Pete Ciaralli, Michael Krumme, Thomas Gaudet

  • 2018: David Cragnolin, Jason Brien, Dave Schroeder, Israel Acosta

  • 2017: Conrad Law, Howard Feldman, Allan Powers, Tim Crofton

  • 2016: Mike Kessler, Gary White, Sean Lanigan, John Collea

  • 2015: Jason Brien, Bill Sewell, Tom Platt, Jr., Tim Twomey

  • 2014: Mike Kessler, Don Knapp, Dave Schroeder, Jim Rishel

  • 2013: Jim Gleason, Jr., Matt Hames, Charlie Schatz, Tim Conboy

  • 2012: Mike Platt, Jim Gleason, Jr., Tom Platt, Sr., Charlie Schatz

  • 2011: Tom Clark, Howard Feldman, Kevin Stevens, Ben Gaetano*

  • 2010: Mike Kessler, Jason Brien, Roger Rowlett, Peter Callari

  • 2009: Bill Morehouse, Dan Kenney, Jason Golubski, David Schuster

  • 2008: Dean Kelly, Bill Sewell, Ed Bonham, Tom Platt, Sr.

  • 2007: Mike Kessler, Tom Clark, Roger Rowlett, Allan Smiley

  • 2006: Mike Kessler, Ralph DeSantis, Roger Rowlett, Allan Smiley

  • 2005: Mike Kessler, Paul MacEnroe, Sean Lanigan, Richard Robinson

  • 2004: Brian Moore, Jim Dell'Anno, Stu Card, Charlie Knox

* first year curler indicated when known