BOERGER Happy Hour

A fun mixed league with 6-end games. Chair(s) create the teams

  • When: second half, Thursday 4:00 pm

  • Chairs: Peggy & John Caneen, Jen & Bill Turner

  • Teams and Schedule

  • Sub Group

  • Rules

Previous Winners

  • 2018: Bob Prenoveau, Tom Clark, Jim Revenaugh, Cathy Darche

  • 2017: Joyce Shaffer, Pat Costello/Fred Hicks, Cathy Darche, Ben Gaetano

  • 2012: Mike Semeraro, Don DeCarr, Shana Hutton, Linda Irwin

  • 2006: Gary Fountain, Hal Rance, Carol Griebsch, Sue Forbes

  • 2005: “Kamakases”: John Davis, Bill Rotton, Barb Bonham, Susan Weber

  • 2004: “Pink Squirrels”: Eric Haase, Doreen Hayes, Don Barrett, Carla Barrett

* first year curler indicated when known