college curling

College Curling is intended to provide ice time and instruction for college students who want to learn to curl or form a competitive team. All individuals participating in college curling activities must be full-time college students. Members in good standing of the College Curling Association have ice rental privileges in the UCC College Curling program.


Meeting times

  • First Half: Sundays, Oct. 16-December 16, 5:00-7:00 pm

  • Second Half: Sundays, January 23-March 5, 4:30-6:30 pm

Instructors: Mary Jane Walsh & Roger Rowlett, USCA Certified Level II Instructors, Becky Schewe

What to bring: Wear clean, warm, flexible, loose-fitting clothes (think sweats, not blue jeans). Bring a pair of athletic shoes (sneakers or tennis shoes) with clean soles or a pair of curling shoes (see below). Please do not ride/drive to the club in the shoes that you will curl in, and either change into your pants at the club or roll-up your pant legs until you get inside. Clean ice is good ice! Brushes will be provided or can be purchased. A limited number of grippers and sliders can be borrowed from the club when playing in Utica.

What to purchase: It is highly recommended that each student purchase two grippers and either a slip-on slider or a gripper-slider. A pair of curling shoes should be your first big purchase; a broom your second


Release forms

Must be signed before you can go into the ice shed the first week

Registration/Dues forms

  • If you are going to compete on the USA Curling College Tour and earn points towards your school participating in the college national championship, do not join UCC, but rather the Collegiate Curling Association.

  • If you are joining as an Associate or half season member, use the standard UCC membership form available on the Join Us page, and mail the form, membership fee, and proof of vaccination to the address on the form before the first day of college curling (Oct 16)

  • College curlers who wish to join the Utica Curling Club instead of the Collegiate Curling Association, can register and pay at practice on Sundays. Payment due October 23rd. No competition privileges, only practice and pick up games on Sundays.


GNCC College Championship

Friday-Sunday, February 10-13, 2023
hosted by the Collegiate Curling Association